Our Story

The seed for Paws on Grass was planted in November 2018 when Pixel arrived in Dubai from Toronto on a KLM flight. Ayesha and Ali struggled to find a hygienic potty solution for their spoiled four legged baby. Pixel was used to having her own patch of grass since she was a pup being raised in a condo in Toronto.

Sadly, Dubai didn’t have any comparable solutions and this gave way for innovation. Since the market didn’t provide the solution the paw-parents needed, they decided to create their own grass patch and that was it, this became a weekly run they would do from that day forward to ensure Pixel always had her own patch of green.

This green patch intrigued a lot of curiosity for friends and family, all of whom loved the idea once they understood the concept. Bilal, for one, saw a lot of merit in the product. He saw it for what it was, an environmentally friendly and hygienic solution to a rather big problem for paw parents living in high-rises with busy schedules. Moreover, being a digital marketeer, Bilal knew the immense marketing potential the product had as it had all the right ingredient make it a social media hit; an eco-friendly product delivered regularly to the doorsteps of the cutest creatures to walk this earth, dogs!

Welcoming Pixel to Dubai
Pixel gets a Sofa
Getting comfortable
Pixel and highrises of Dubai
Pixel stuck in the heat
Pixel scheming
Pixel on a mission
Finally, Pixel Perfect

Committing to Pog is a great decision

When you get Paws on Grass for your fur-child, not only are you doing what's best for them by providing them a product that's hygienic and instinctive for them, but you are also doing what's best for Earth. Paws on Grass is an all-natural and fully bio-degradable product.