Paw Saviour - Erik & Halloumi - The Destroyer

Cat grass for pets in Dubai

When I adopted my cat in Dubai, Halloumi, she was only 3 months old. I found her on the street and decided to bring her home as I couldn’t possibly leave her on the streets.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I should keep her or not as I already had an apartment dog (Pablo I El Magnífico), but after a few days they both got along pretty well and she seemed like a good companion for my dog, so in the end I kept her. She has been with us for almost 3 years now!

As I found her on the street, the adoption process for me was quite straightforward. There wasn't much paperwork to do. I just took her to the vet in Dubai and got her vaccinated, chipped and got her passport.

My experience with her has been more entertaining than anything else. It is funny to watch Halloumi and Pablo play about.

When Halloumi came home, it was just me and my Pablo. At first, Pablo wasn't sure what that 4-legged hair machine was doing in our apartment in Marina. During the first 2 days there was a lot of barking, so I kept them separated.

I started introducing them slowly. I would let Pablo in the bedroom with Halloumi just so he can smell her and get used to the new family member & within a week they were absolutely fine. Although Pablo used to grab her by the neck and carry her around the house like one of his toys, Halloumi would just meow quite loud, as she wasn't sure what Pablo was doing. So, the initial days were a bit noisy but with time, Pablo & Halloumi grew up to be the best apartment pets. Even the noise they made initially stopped. Now, they play with each other quite often, but the noise is not crazy anymore!

 Some pieces of advice I’d like to give out:

Pets are great companions, there are thousands of lonely animals out there without a home, and they will bring a lot of joy once you take them over.

Speak to other pet owners on their preferred vets and take your pets for a check-up after adoption.

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