All You Need to Know About POG, the Perfect Potty Spot for Your Pup

Doggy Grass Toilet FAQs

Discover all the essential information about POG, the revolutionary Doggy Grass Toilet designed to make potty time a breeze for your furry friend. In this comprehensive FAQ section, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about POG, covering everything from its benefits and usage to maintenance and training tips. Find the answers you need to ensure a convenient and hygienic solution for your pup's potty needs. Say goodbye to messy accidents and embrace the simplicity of POG, the ultimate grassy bathroom spot for your beloved canine companion.

About POG

POG: The perfect patch of grass for your furry friend.

POG Sizes

Say goodbye to messy accidents with POG, the ultimate doggy grass toilet.

POG Buying Options

Give your pup the gift of fresh grass with POG, the ultimate pet relief solution.

Setting Up, Using and Disposing the POG

Make potty time a breeze with POG, the doggy grass revolution.

Training Your Dog on POG

No more late-night walks! POG brings the potty right to your door.

POG Order Delivery, Returns and Cancellations

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