Enjoy Now, Pay Later with Tabby

Flexible Payment Options

We believe that providing the best for your pet shouldn't come with financial worries. That's why we've partnered with Tabby to offer a flexible, interest-free payment plan on all purchases over AED 1,000. Compare our upfront payment option with the ease of Tabby's split payment solution and choose what works best for you and your furry friend!

Opt for Tabby on Orders Over AED 1,000

Compare and Decide

Your Payment, Your Choice

Payment Options
Upfront Payment
Minimum Order Value

AED 1000 minimum order value

Initial Payment

100% of the cost upfront

25% of the total cost upfront

Payment Frequency

One-time payment

Three additional automatic monthly payments

Financial Flexibility

Lower, requires full payment immediately

Higher, spreads cost over time

Interest and Fees


Impact on Budget

Higher immediate financial commitment

Easier on monthly budget

  • No future payments to remember
  • Complete ownership from the start
  • Immediate product enjoyment without full upfront cost
  • Automatic monthly payments, no need to remember due dates

Your Guide to Easy, Interest-Free Payments

How Tabby Works

Step 1

Discover Your Pet's Next Favorite

Explore Our Collection: Browse our curated selection of products tailored for your pet's well-being. Choose from high-quality options that suit every pet's lifestyle.

Step 2

Effortless Checkout with Tabby

Seamless Selection: Add items totaling over AED 1,000 to your cart, and opt for Tabby at checkout. A straightforward sign-up and instant approval await, with the convenience of splitting your payment if you meet the order minimum.

Step 3

Convenient Payment Split

Tabby Terms: Start with 25% down on orders over AED 1,000 and split the rest into three interest-free payments. You'll get reminders to keep it hassle-free. Smaller purchases? Our standard checkout is always available.

Service Update Alert

Changes to Tabby Payment Eligibility

Please note: Tabby will now be available for orders over AED 1000. However, any existing orders placed using Tabby will continue as planned without interruption. This update ensures that your current payment schedules remain unaffected as we transition to the new order value threshold.

We appreciate your understanding and are here to support you through these changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Make the Choice That's Right for You

Select Your Preferred Payment Option and Start Enhancing Your Pet's Life Today

Whether you're committing to the traditional upfront payment or leveraging the flexibility of the Tabby plan for orders over AED 1,000, you're making a wise choice for your pet's comfort and your peace of mind. With either option, premium pet care is just a click away.