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Effortlessly manage your POG deliveries with our weekly or fortnightly automatic billing option.

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Enjoy the flexibility to adjust, pause, or modify your subscription at any time to fit your lifestyle.

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Participate in our 'Give 25, Get 25' initiative and enjoy mutual benefits with friends.

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Share your POG experience and earn AED 50 off your next purchase.

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Understanding How These Changes Benefit You

Key Pricing and Payment Updates

Updated POG Subscription Pricing
Introduction of Recurring Subscriptions
Revised Order Minimum for Tabby

POG subscriptions offered a 5% discount with varied delivery fees.

Only prepaid subscription plans available.

Tabby available for all order values.


Increased discount to 10% on POG subscriptions with standardized delivery fees.

Transition to Weekly Recurring and Fortnightly Recurring plans with automated renewals.

Tabby applicable only for orders over AED 1000.


Greater savings with transparent and predictable costs.

Seamless, continuous service with the convenience of automatic renewals and full control over subscription management.

Tailored for substantial purchases, providing better financial planning.


Existing prepaid subscriptions continue until completion, after which customers can switch to new plans.

Existing prepaid subscriptions continue until completion, after which customers can switch to new plans.

Active Tabby plans for orders under AED 1000 will continue as agreed, ensuring no disruption.

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