"The summer heat is unforgiving. It can feel like you're standing in front of the oven, and it's cooking you alive. You'll be sweating profusely, your heart will be racing, and your body temperature will rise to dangerous levels—especially if you're a dog

We have all seen the warning signs, "Never Leave Pets Alone in a Car." But we may not think about how serious this is. Leaving your dog in a car on a hot day can be fatal. With temperatures quickly rising when parked outside and direct sunlight heating up even more inside, it's easy to see why this is such an issue. Read more below as we discuss 3 reasons you should NEVER leave your dog in the car!

Unsafe For Dog
Leaving your dog in the car is unsafe for them as they may act aggressively, and thus opening themselves up to harm. If the window is open--even if it's only partially--your pup has a high chance of jumping out, which can lead to injury or someone breaking into your vehicle when they do so. This will not only endanger their life but also put other people at risk!

Beware of leaving your car in the heat; all of us know on a hot day, it can feel like an oven. Moreover, when vehicles are parked outside on sunny days, they rapidly heat up which can lead to overheating or death by dehydration or overheating if not let out before too late.

Overheating and Dehydration
Leaving your dog in a hot car can be lethal to them. The hotter it is, the more dehydrated and overheated they'll become as they pant to regulate their body heat. Even if you park your car in shaded area of sunlight for only a few minutes or even hours, it can be too much for an unprotected pup because this could lead to hyperthermia or worse - death from overheating and severe dehydration.

Leaving your dog in a hot car is not only dangerous, but also potentially deadly. It only takes minutes for the heat to affect an animal's organs and turn bad quickly. Senior dogs and puppies are at higher risk of heat stroke which can lead to organ failure or even death. The inside of the car becomes deadly quickly when it’s under direct sunlight and outside temperatures rises too high for too long making overheating or dehydration likely outcomes.

Bottom Line
When the weather is warm, even briefly leaving your dog in a car can prevent them from thriving. It’s true that it takes only minutes for dogs to experience symptoms and effects of overheating, which eventually lead to hospitalization or death. Therefore, during this time period, dog owners should be responsible and drive themselves while pets are left home. The safety of your pup should always come first. Always take precautions so that they don't suffer any serious injuries or worse - die! After reading these three reasons, hopefully it'll make more sense why never leaving your dog inside the car is so important.

Remember, when you leave your dog at home, have an accessible and conveniently situated POG, doggy grass toilet, for your dog to relieve themselves on. This way you don't have to worry about an unpleasant surprise when you get home and that can hold its urine in for a long duration of time.