Pixel and Luna's World of POP

Pixel, the Paw-founder of POP (Paws On Pause), and Luna, the Boss of POP, hold a special place in our hearts and are the ultimate product testers for our LOG collection. Before any product goes to market, we ensure that Pixel and Luna are not just satisfied, but overjoyed with the comfort and functionality it offers.

Let us take you on a tour of their favorite LOG spots:

In our living room, we have the Rays Den, a haven filled with their toys and a plush bed. It's a hub of activity where Pixel and Luna love to go in and out throughout the day. Plus, we can secure them in the den with the door closed when any maintenance work is being done.

Moving to the bedroom, we've set up the Pebbles Den, complete with a cozy full-size Den Cushion. It's the perfect sanctuary for a restful night's sleep, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for a new day of adventures.

In the home office, we've placed the Ra'i Cave, equipped with a soft blanket. Pixel finds solace in this cozy nook when she needs a break from Luna or when Mom is working on important tasks.

And lastly, we have the Mar'ah in Dad's den, accompanied by a comfy cushion. It's the go-to spot for quality bonding time with Dad in his room.

Every LOG product undergoes rigorous testing with Pixel and Luna, ensuring that it meets their high standards of comfort and satisfaction. We believe in selling only what we would use ourselves for our most precious family members. Their approval is paramount in our product development process.

So, rest assured that when you bring home a LOG product, it has been thoroughly vetted and endorsed by Pixel and Luna. Their happiness and well-being are at the heart of everything we do.

Our LOG collection not only provides comfort and security but also reflects the unique personalities of our beloved Pixel and Luna. Each piece seamlessly blends into our home's aesthetics while creating personalized spaces for our furry friends.

Pixel and Luna's satisfaction is the driving force behind our commitment to crafting exquisite pet furniture. They continue to play an integral role in shaping future LOG products, ensuring that every item meets their discerning tastes and brings joy to pets and pet owners alike.

So, yes, Pixel and Luna are living their best lives with the LOG collection, and we couldn't be happier seeing them enjoy every corner of their specially designed spaces!