Real Grass Toilet | S for Dogs Under 10 kg

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Real Grass Toilet | S for Dogs Under 10 kg

If you order today, the product will be delivered to you on: Saturday, December 09, 2023

Customer Reviews

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About the Pet: Maltese mix puppy
Training: He understands the command "make a pee pee" so if he is not over excited, he will obey.
Relieve pad

It's a wonderful idea to use a real grass for a relieve pad for dogs. My dog is a playful puppy who is more interested in digging and pulling the grass than in pee pee :D
From time to time he uses is.

Vanessa Barton
About the Pet: My little frenchie loves his grass. He is always super excited when it get delivered :)
Training: at first my dog thought it was a toy and i would rip the grass up but after a week and some positive encouragement it is now his favourite peeing spot

Ive been using paws on pause for over two years now and I couldn’t recommend it enough. Customer service is great and the grass itself is so useful to have while living in an apartment…especially in the summer heat and was a life saver when potty training my dog.

Lisa Ireland
About the Pet: Three chihuahuas that came from the U.K. with me
Training: They didn’t have grass for a long time so they were naturally interested and sort of trained themselves.
The perfect solution

I’ve lived in the uae for three years and my little chihuahuas have gone from having a nice grassy garden in the U.K. to a tiled balcony here. I struggled with artificial grass and puppy pads for too long. Thank you Paws on Grass for the perfect solution and for giving my dogs that little bit of home that they know.

Richard Bennett

Real Grass Toilet | M

Napha Hehir
About the Pet: Ragout the rabbit and Rosé the puppy love the fresh grass to eat, dig and do a little toilet business on.
Happy fur babies

Grass arrived as scheduled and the fur babies are extremely happy

Clair Corless
My dogs love it

My dogs love the grass and it helps during the summer months when it’s to hot to take your dogs out in the heat during the day

Renee Richter
About the Pet: Onyx is a spitz mix and rescue!
Training: Very easy! I just put it out on the balcony and my dog knew what it was for.
Absolutely love this product!

This has been a lifesaver for apartment living in Dubai! We got a rescue dog and potty training/getting into a walk routine has been hard with our long hours at work. This is saving us and makes our little pup so happy! It is a tad expensive at 85AED per grass patch (including shipping). You can get it cheaper if you buy in bulk and then they will ship it to you week by week or 2x a month, but it is not much. I only saved 40AED by buying 12 grass patches at once. Other than the price, I love it and recommend this company to all my dog mom/dad friends!

We love that you love the POG grass toilets. Being users of it for our girls, we understand the lifesaver part 100%. The price may seem a little steep, however when comparing this price to peepads, 1 POG replaces nearly 42 peepads over a 2 week period, it's comparable for sure. With that said, you can always get AED 20 DH off for future orders for each referral that converts with your referral code so make sure you contact all those doggy mom/dads about the code. This will also give them AED 20 off their first order so it's a great win win.

About the Pet: My girls only know grass, I might describe it as 'relief' (pardon pun)! They are super excited when a new patches arrive!
Training: No training needed
What a relief

Relocating pets from one country to another is extremely stressful on pets and owners alike. Before immigrating to Dubai from South Africa, I began my research on doggy daycare, pet cabs, dog sitters, everything I know my Yorkshire Terrier and Chihuahua would need. It dawned on me that I hadn't considered apartment living, severe heat, and 'potty time'. Immediately I wondered how I would go about sourcing 'real grass', and the stress started to build!! I was relieved when I came across POG, knowing that my girls would not look at me in disgust when being told to 'potty' on what is ultimately a furry green carpet (artificial grass).

B Otto
About the Pet: Our little pup was newly adopted, the little guy had found such comfort being able to relieve himself not needing to battle the heat.
Training: Easy breezy.
Relief with grass

Our pup was having trouble with house training. We introduced the POG system and it has changed dramatically. Such a sustainable product!

This is so great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review as it helps us greatly. Hope you tell all your friends about us, and don't forget to share your referral code that gives your friend a discount AS WELL AS YOU for your next purchase.

About the Pet: My two rescue doggies loved it
Training: So easy just picked them up and placed them on it, after a good sniff they were happy to ‘go’
Fantastic product and Service

Way website and great and helpful customer service, product as described.

Fully disposable with no parts to clean -- simply dispose of the box when a new one arrives at your doorstep. Use POG for those quick potty breaks like you would any other backyard.

Small POG:

  • Number of grass boxes: ONE (1) 
  • Total Size: 48 x 60 cm 
  • Ideal for pets under 10 kg

Reasons to get a POG:

  • Replacement for environmentally harmful pee pads and artificial grass
  • Solution for "accidents" in the house, inconvenient dog potty times, potty training and the heat on long summer days
  • Dogs can “go” when they want--day or night, sandstorm or scorching temperatures

Please Note

  • 🚛 POGs are delivered every MondayTuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • 🗓 POGs last one to two weeks depending on usage and placement
  • 🐛 POGs are an all-natural product straight from the farm so there may be some harmless bugs and/or worms in the soil.