X-Large Frame

Sale priceAED 400.00 AED

The X-Large Hardwood Frame is an aesthetically pleasing and functional must-have for your X-Large Pog (4 grass boxes). It helps you contain the grass in a beautifully finished wooden frame, so your paw-baby doesn't rip it out of the box. It comes in three rich finishes so that it can fit right into any home.

The frame is made on order and takes up to 7 working days to be delivered. 

The grass is not included with the frame. You need to purchase the grass separately here.

Customer Reviews

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Cheryl Leonard
Life Saver

This has been a game changer, I’ve been using it for some time and have recommended it to anyone I know who has a dog, with the warmer days and it being too hot for paws, I have it in the balcony, water it daily and my pooch is loving her best life, never smells and helps with the long days

Trying out the POG

I ordered the small POG for my puppy as it’s too hot during the day for her to go outside our apartment building for the toilet, and the fake grass just gets so smelly despite me cleaning it. Initially she liked to eat the real grass, and my cat loved to lay on it. After a few days my puppy began to use her POG for its proper purpose, she gets lots of praise for this to encourage her to use it correctly. In my opinion these POG are ideal whether you live in an apartment or villa, especially as fake grass here also gets very hot if that’s what you have in your villa garden and burnt paws are not something any of us want for our furry family. I will definitely be ordering every couple of weeks so my paw family have fresh real grass.

veryhelpful paws on pause

it helped a lot when uoua reliving in an appartment, so practical amd great services

Ladan Abedini
Life saver during the summer heat

This is a life saver!! It is way too hot for my pup to go outside for his potty break in the summer months. We just leave the grass patch on the balcony and he goes there! It took only a few days for him to get used to it. Very happy with the product!

Dog grass for cats!

I ordered a small grass box for our cat, after a recommendation from a friend. He loves it, eats, plays and sits in it. Watering it daily and can make it last around 10-14 days. Will order again.

Excellent Product

Well constructed and keeps the pods in place and looking tidy

Shelvin Kraemer
Peace of mind for my Furbaby

I’ve moved into an apartment with my 12yr old Boston Terrier who has spent his whole life in a house with a garden. These grass pog’s are the perfect solution for him to go to the loo outside on my balcony. We have both managed to settle in and feel at ease very quickly thanks to your wonderful products. THANK YOU

Great idea

Loved this idea. My little dog had no problem and it’s so convenient for rainy days or when it’s way too hot to walk him.

Yara Wehbi

Great quality and smell. the box is actually big

Excellent product

I like how it is low maintenance, it gets delivered easily with no hastle and lasts a long time. My only problem is disposing of it as it’s a bit messy and I only have a bin chute. A collection disposal service would be great